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Osios with lines coming out #2

This is a parsha meyuchas to Rabbi Efrayim Sofer of Brod [lived in the Baal Shem Tovs lifetime]. The mem stuma have a line descending on their left side.
Did Yehoshua mean this or the like?

Here is another example:

Osios with lines coming out

Today I saw a Mem-Stumah that looked perfectly fine aside from the fact that it had a small line coming out from the bottom right corner (not so small - or thin - either.) While I wouldn't say the Mem looked now like a different ois or that there was a shinui in the tzurah still it didn't "look" right. You could see clearly the Mem-Stumah, however there was this line coming out also. On other oisios (or this ois) when could this be a problem? What can be said about this? Until what point do we say there is no shinui tzurah? Although I don't have an example on hand at the moment perhaps if R' Moshe or someone else has one and could be posted that would be good. Hopefully I'm being clear in this.