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Press for tefillin bottoms

I have a hot press that I have used for years for flattening warped tefillin bottoms.  I got it from another sofer about four years ago.  

It died a very final death today and I need another one.   Before putting in the money, though, I would be interested in hearing other techniques/equipment used for flattening warped tefillin bottoms.   Please Share!

Supply Shopping In Israel / Yerushalayim

This is a little different than our usual topic.  I will soon have the opportunity to be in Yerushalayimg for the first time since becoming a sofer.  Any recommendations for places I can buy supplies including stocking up on some klaf, and some tikkunim.
Also, any good seforim stores in the yerushalayim that will have a good selection on st'am.

Interesting "Doorway?"

Just thought I would share this and see what the forum thinks.   The mashkof is an AC duct that has been lightly plastered and drywalled over, while the "mezuzos" are both built-in cabinets that are thoroughly attached to the walls and floor.  


Megillah written in pencil

Someone sent me a picture of a megillah they were offered by a Sofer in Eretz Yisroel. It looks like it has been written first in pencil.
Is this possul due to a: Ksav al Gabei Ksav and b: Shinuy tzurah of many of the letters caused by the pencil marks underneath?

Rav Stern in Mishnas Hasofer 3:8 writes that this is posul for Tefillin Mezuzah and Sefer Torah is there any reason why the same halocha would not apply to a megillah?

He also writes in 8:9 that pencil marks made by a magiah can cause a shinuy tzurah, presumably that would also apply here.

One of those moments we all dread...

It happens to me at least once a year, or perhaps one in every several hundred pairs of tefillin I check. A parsha that just won't come out of the bayis. It is usually happens because someone very inconsiderate before me did not bother fitting the parsha properly into a suitable bayis and just forced the parsha  (usually kadesh or vehaya im) letting it become the next guy's problem.

So while I have my tricks of the trade that I employ to remove stubborn parshiyos, sometimes they just don't budge. And once there is no matlis or saaros left and options are very limited.

My question is, what do you do when you go past the point of no return? ie the parsha may be damaged from your efforts to extract it, so you cannot just leave it there. Do you replace the bayis and parsha (putting the old ones in genizah) or do you continue trying to extract it even though in doing so you could ruin it further as well as possibly damage Hashem's name, but at least you save the bayis?