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Re-inventing the wheel

Today I put up mezuzos for a local balebos who built a new house. Besides for buying beautiful mehudar mezuzos, the owners, who intend on living in the house for many years, instructed their builder to chisel out a compartment in the door frame for the mezuzos to fit into. Then, for extra protection, a perspex panel was screwed onto the wall to cover the mezuzah (see picture).

This concept is not very common today, but it used to be common in times goneby. Perhaps it's time to reintroduce this concept, for the following reasons:

1) It is undoubtedly halachically superior to many other ways of affixing a mezuzah. Many of the mezuzah cases available today are made of two pieces, with the mezuzah sitting in the front part of the mezuzah case that is often not even connected to the wall in a permanent manner. This is because when affixing with glue or double sided tape only the back part is properly affixed to the wall. Even if you tape the front part to the back, something a lot of p…

Computer program

I would like to buy a computer program that checks sta"m and I'm looking for advice for which program to get and how to get it etc.

Tikun for 7 line hamelech megillah?

I have the 11 line hamelech megillah tikun. Is there one for 7 lines? i once heard there was. does any one know where this could be obtained?