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Aleph, Ayin and Vav/Yud

Pic 1) I don't recall his exact words but I seem to remember R Shtern in Mishnat HaSofer saying that if both nekudot in the Aleph touch at the same place (ie like and X) then it's a major problem - I think he may have been machshir bediavad and I know others are but can anyone shed some light for me? Pic 2) how far does an Ayin have to go to be meshane tzura? This one could almost be a tZadi peshuta - I reckon this one may still be ok, but it's close...? Pic 3) for me the yud and vav are too close even for a tinok. Some may argue since they're slanted and the vav is a bit lower then a tinok can still help. Thoughts?

alef pasul

The alefs in this mezuza are pasul. The bottom yud is totaly out of porportion of the letter, and is more another "kav" rather than a "nekuda". I am sure that this mezuza was not written by a sofer that learned tzuras ha'oisiyos !!