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The X Issue

Today, I checked this set of tefillin.  Besides the attached X shaped Alefs, there were many other issues that rendered it passul.  The question here regarding the Alef is such:  At what point is the letter considered to have changed it's shape? Part of it involves the relative  proportioning of the letter.  For example, in the case posted below by R. Moshe the bottom yod of the Alef is totally out of proportion with that of the letter.  As indicated, it is more like another "kav" rather than a "nekuda." As with many other cases, however, it is likely that both of the above letters may be read as an Alef by a tinok.  However, they may still deserve to be invalidated because we observe that it is truly a distortion of the letter's basic shape. It is therefore, pretty evident that there is a certain amount of subjectivity that needs to be exercised by the sofer in cases like the above. My question to the forum is: Would you use a tinok as an arbi


Tinok read as mem and zayin without hesitating. tinok is familliar with ches of stam