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Taking the Torah out: Updated

I was asked if one may take out a Sefer Torah (which the choshen was donated by the family)for the purposes of the Bar Mitzvah boy to take pictures with. The family (traditional-not Orthadox) considers it very important to take a picture with the Torah. I heard there is a halachik issue of non kavod LeTorah for taking it out for reasons other than reading or fixing it. Based on Shulchan Aruch (Orach Chayim 135:14) there are halachik limitations to where a Torah is allowed to be transferred as the Mishna Berura puts it (ibid:47), "that it is a dishonor to bring the Torah to people who need it rather the people should go to it". The Rema (ibid)writes that for a adam chashuv it is allowed to bring a Torah to him in any scenario. The Mishna Berura ibid:50 interprets adam chashuv as a gadol beTorah, the Mishna Berura also brings the opinion of the Magen Avraham that a adam chashuv is not enough rather in addition they need to be an anus (unable physically to come to the Torah).…


A torah that I'm due to check shortly has apparently had it's top and bottom margins trimmed some years ago quite drastically (to within 3-4mms near the otiyot) to fit the atsey - I don't know who did this. Assuming that the letters are still mukaf g'vil then b'dieved this is kasher even though it should be 3 thumbs and 4 thumbs thickness (though varies for big and small sifrey). Is there a source that I can rely on for this as most of the discussion I've seen is around what is appropriate for margins depending on the relation to the size of the script.