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What do you make out of the first Zayin of Mezuzot?
When magnified there appears a slight zavit on the right of the head.  However, this is not the case on a normal scale where the foot appears to be just plainly thrown to the right.  My inclination is to follow the Sefekut HaSofer and call it PASSUL.  However, it may perhaps have a redeeming quality that can save this beautiful mezuzah.  Your comments are all appreciated.

Hei of Shem

This came to the Beis Horah today by R' Shammai Gross.
The psak was pasul.

What should I do?

I was planing to write "עלי" in the same line but there is a "ך" on the line on top.
Should I write a long "מ"?
Is the "ך" ok?

Applying a T'lai that's Hidden from the Eye

By way of mechika I have made a hole in the klaf of a megillah. The hole is very small and I would like to fit a tlai on this spot in a cosmetic way where the evidence of the tlai's presence (either when looking from the front or the back of the yeriah) goes undetected.
Can anyone with professional experience describe how to go about this delicate procedure?