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Mezuzah Problems

The daily task of checking mezuzot that are not written by properly trained sofrim is daunting.  In this mezuzah, there are letters that are not properly formed.   Please take a look at the MEMS and NUNS.

In the above case the roof of the MEM is greatly separated from the VAV and descends to the bottom of the CHARTUM.    In the subsequent case the NUNS already appear like KHAFS.

These appear to be straight PASSUL.  However, it is not so simple.  With the MEM, because the thickness of the descending line; it appears that, on the left it connects to the middle of the VAV, and on the right at the bottom.  Perhaps, we have to be lenient like in the case of a GIMMEL where the left foot connects to the right foot near or at the top of the roof.  Would you be lenient with such a MEM?  Your comments please.  

I always struggle with the ends of the lines on the cheaper Mezuzos, I always understood that if it has three lines one ending a kulmus further then the line above its possul. but ive been told its not so poshut to passul a Mezuzah because of this... also what about a Mezuzah such as the one in the picture where its all wavy, whats the din?  any thoughts or guidelines that i can work with? Thank you

Inkwell on Slanted Desk

Very basic question, I use a drafting table to write which is fully on a slant, what can I use as an inkwell to leave on the table?


I was asked to write a hand written Ketubah for someone who is getting married in the summer. I then found out there are several Nushachim. The groom is Yemenite, and I would like to know if there is some knowledge between the users here.

What is the best option regardless of family backround?
For a Yemenite, is there one option or more? What is best? Thanks to all in advance.


As requested I took of the previous post and apologize if anyone was offended.
What disturbed me is that not everyone has enough שכל to understand that the time stamp is not an indication. If someone will want to attack someone else over the internet (very common) he can easily say "מחלל שבת" and bring a screen shot. Who will bother to check out if it was true or not? To accuse it is easy but to prove innocence, well that's a different story. Just like the case I mentioned.
I tried to make it a little humorous, but apparently not everyone (I'm referring to myself) has the talent.
And again I apologize if I offended anyone.