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This is how someone was wearing his Tefillin for years! - Was too heavy for him - so tried to remedy the problem on his own, by attaching a sponge to the bottom! Clear Chatzitza!

Osiyos chalalos by Shaim hashem

A sofer emailed me that he was asked to do a hascholas sefer torah, where the outline was written by the original sofer who was writing the sefer. The outline of the first 3 Shaimos were just like the other words, ie outline sketched, not written properly, as is the minhag (to write the shaimos properly). The sofer who did the haschala is concerened that the "Am haratzus" of the sofer may be an issue. He asked me : 1)what's the Sofers obligation that was asked to fill it in? 2)What should the same Sofer tell the Balhabos? Feedback appreciated