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Ink Blot?

Today during writing a Lamed something happened which got me to think. As I was strengthening the connection between the VAV and CHAF, the ink just poured onto the letter making the whole CHAF on blot of ink. My kulmus was still on the klaf, so I pulled it around and down to the end on the LAMED on the bottom. As I pulled it ALL the ink retracted leaving a perfect LAMED mukaf gvil by white klaf with not even a trace on it. Is this letter kosher? There is no Chok Techot, but the letter did go from being non-kosher to being kosher. Also, it is not like a CHAF with a sharp corner at the top where we simply add ink. Here the ink was "taken away" from a non kosher letter, and it was made kosher. What had me thinking its kosher is that this was all done with one swipe of the kulmus, which never lifted off the klaf. Input is appreciated. Thanks.

osam es

A computer generated repair of how to fix Shea's "osam osam" without making ponim chadoshos or leaving more than a 3 yudin gap between the words