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Hechsher on stam

It was recently brought to my attention  that the Star K hechsher is selling sifrei torah with a hechsher for a while now,  and are starting with tefillin and mezuzos.

From what I understand, they are giving a hechser on the sofer that he is legit and that products such as klaf, batim, retzuos etc are sourced from companies with a reliable hechsher. And also that they are checked by relaible magihim.

This is a welcome development. However is it really such a chiddush? There are many wholesalers and retailers that follow these guidelines. What is really needed is more of what Rav Landau's hechsher does, ie to have their own trained magihim (and sofrim)who do everything in house, under one roof, keeping one standard with all shailos going to the same posek -  thus developing a consistent brand that is very controlled and right under the watchful eye of the Rabannim who are signing their names on the product.

While any hechser on Stam is welcome, because it does ad credibility and a…