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why kuf?

The halacha regarding a small, thin negiya (kechut hasarah) between the left regel and gug of a hay is well documented. Scraping is prohibited and considered chok tochus. This is in stark contrast to other letters in which such a negiya is fixable, for example where two roshim of a shin are connected with a thin line or the yud of an alef is connected from the other side as well as the yerech. It seems the hay is more chomur because with such a negiya it can become a ches. However a thin line connecting the left side of the bottom yud of the alef or two heads of a shin are less problematic because in both cases its still clearly an alef or a shin. So why then do we rule that a kuf, where the left regel and gug of a kuf is connected by a thin negiya, that it's outright possul like a hay. Surely it's still recognizable as a kuf in the same way other letters that have a thin negiya without causing a shinuy tzurah.  Why do we treat it the same as a hay? I never understood thi