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Letter Nun

It appears to me that the first NUN of VeShinantam is straight PASSUL; and not even a sheelat tinok. Your comments/insight are welcome.

Legal Advice & Guidance for Soferim

I just went through a very harrowing legal situation with a customer who purchased a Sefer Torah through my store.  B"H, emes won out - but the legal fees and other procedural costs are crushingly hard to bear. 
It seems, though, from talking to other brokers of Torah scrolls, particularly used scrolls, that many people are on pins an needles after the recent scandal regarding Holocaust era and "rescued" European scrolls.  Does anyone else have this sensation?  
A few legal insights and lessons I learned were: 
1) In the sales contract, it must state that "kosher" is not the same as "immaculate physical condition."  It sounds obvious to we soferim, but many people who do not know better cannot make this subtle distinction and assume that "kosher" means pristine and like-new condition.
2) /I will never again agree to give every single detail of the repairs to customers.  I emailed daily logs of everything done to the sefer as per the custome…