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I need some advice here...

I posted a question earlier in the week regarding a sefer that seemed to be getting water damaged easily, and what could be done to waterproof the ksav somewhat. I am still a little worried about this sefer, and would like to share my predicament with members of this forum, in hope of receiving some advice or insight.

 Some months ago I sold a new sefer Torah to a shul here in Melbourne. The sofer who wrote the sefer is a sofer mumacha with a beautiful ksav.  As usual,  I had the sefer checked first by computer, then manually, then tikkunim (repairs) and then a second time by computer. (The magiha who did the manual examination is a magiha mumcha with 30 years experience and although he charges twice the usual amount for the job, I find that it is worth it because he is extremely reliable).

The sefer was used for a few months and received many compliments from all who saw or lained from it. So far, so good.

Two weeks ago however, a problem was found and it was put back in the middle …

yud of alef touching the guf

Excellent example of the yud touching the guf, most Rabbis passel this and don't allow fixing [chok tochos] in tefilin or mezuza. [In ST you may scrape away the whole yud and rewrite it]. Some Rabbis may permit scraping the negiya from the left side.

Ask your Rabbi !!