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Three questions:

1) Does anyone know if there is anything written about the halachic perspective of putting an old possul sefer torah in a display cabinet in the foyer of a shul?

2) I have a sefer Torah that sags a little and its hard to roll during hagbah (ashkenaz style) , they have to fiddle with the klaf  so that it rolls straight. Is there a solution for this?

3) Does anyone know a chasidesher sofer in Amsterdam Holland or even Antwerp Belgium or vicinity who has kabola from Mishmeres Stam? It's for someone in Amsterdam but Antwerp is not too far for them.


Certified Scribe in Baltimore

Looking for sofer musmach in Baltimore that can check alter rebbe ksav parshios. Many Litvishe Sofrim have a problem checking alter rebbe ksav.

R' Shammai Gross and pictures from a computer

Just wanted to share a general point and a "maaseh rav" from today.

Eli had posted recently what he heard from R' Friedlander in regards to paskening from a computer image or print out.

Many shailos that I've seen on this forum and on R' Moshe's Hebrew forum I have brought to R' Shammai as a way of learning (this helped a lot in the shimush that I've made by him. Usually there are shailos in STaM by the Beis Horah every day however it was good to always bring more.) I've so far asked around 250 shailos from printed images and have them all saved in a folder as well as the psakim written in my notes on the computer. I have another 500 or so that I haven't asked yet! Aside from the folder with the printed images I hope to organize one day a Power Point presentation with all the images and psakim written out nicely and clearly.

There were some printouts that I brought that I was asked to get an official psak on. No matter what the shailo as long …

Double kuzu - in back of mezuza

Double kuzu - the sofer made a mistake in the first one skipping a samech [BTW the last 2 zayinin, are more vav than zayin] and was afraid to erase the 'shemos' so he wrote a new kuzu above.
1) since these shemos are not me'akev at all the mezuza, it is kosher with 2 kuzu.
2) it was permitted to erase the first kuzu [more accurate from the (lacking) samech down], since these are not true 'shemos' that are forbidden to erase, rather 'kinuyim' (other secondary/derivative names) that are not kodesh and permitted to be erased for great need as tikun. That should of been done rather than write a second one.