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mezuza on sailboat?

OK, I have to admit, I do not recall learning the halacha for this situation, so please help me out... my in-laws want to place a mezuza on the main doorway of their sailboat. They consider their boat their second home, and live on it for most of the summer. What to tell them?

Forum update

Firstly I would like to welcome all new members who have joined in recent weeks, my apologies for not updating the new members list. I hope to do that soon. Thanks to Rabbi Michael Tzadok, one of the new members for adding a Sephardic flavor to the forum, something that has definitely been lacking until now. There was a nice article about the forum on, a respectable NY communal website, see it here  . A special thanks to Dovid for arranging that. I have received input from a number of members regarding changing the forum model to something more like this type of style. I only used BlogSpot because I was familiar with it from before. My biggest interest is to have posts indexed nicely by topic, something I don't know how to do on BlogSpot. Input, as usual , is appreciated..