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Need help evaluating sefer torah

Hi , Could  I please get the help of some experienced sochrim, what would be the fair price for a private sale of a sefer torah including all checkings in the ksav below. price in Israel I guess...

A) I know is more simple and B) is very beautiful but assuming they are both frum ehrliche sofrim with ksav kaballah what would be the prices. I'm not looking to sell anything this is purely for my own research with a customer.

You can click on the images to see them clearly




More Hiddur Woes

I wrote this Mezzuza to help my own teacher fill an order.  I managed to get the Ayin and Dalet low enough without causing a negia to satisfy him.  However the part that I am not happy with is the first line of והיה.

The י  of אנכי is just barely within the shora.  The issue stems from trying the need for a parsha stumah.  The Shulhan Arukh says that Sephardim have the custom to extend the last line of the first parsha to the end of the shora and leave a space of 9 otiot at the beginning of the second parasha.
While there are some Sephardi Poskim who permit shitat HaTaz for Mezzuzot, Rav Ovadia Yosef and Rav Ben Tzion Abba Shaul have been kind enough to declare them possul.  So we are left with trying to fit the space of three time the word אשר(for hiddur purposes) into the beginning of the parasha.
While I know that there are opinions(the Yeriat Shlomo for instance) that state the three times אשר is the space of 22 yudin, which wouldn't be so bad, I wasn't writing for the Ye…