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Mezuzah on large Aron Kodesh

R' Shammai Gross told me over a shaila of a large Aron Kodesh that can literally be walked into in order to get the Sefer Torah out from. Perhaps it's a sort of large structure with a door that leads into a small room where a safe can be opened to take out the Sefrei Torah. When he described it that is what I pictured.

They asked if a mezuzah needs to be placed on it. He said not because of the fact that it's a room for itself but rather from that door it leads back into the large room (similar to a walk in closet in ones home.)

The mezuzah should be placed without a bracha on the "left" side of the person as he walks into the space where the Sifrei Torah is kept (the "right" side of when he leaves from that area.)

If anyone has any insights on this please share.