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Trust in a Sofer

STa"M is one of the unique areas of Halacha in that complete trust is placed in the knowledge an integrity of the Sofer. I am certain that there are teshuvot about when a Sofer can and can not be trusted based on their personal conduct as well as actions they have taken in their profession.

E.g. The article posted by Nachman is a sad example of conduct that I'm sure (or at least would hope) would result in a dismissal of all confidence in the Sofer's integrity and yirat shamayim.
Based on this I have the following question, based on a real life event.
Say there is a Sofer whom you have never met nor seen written credentials, but who says he learnt by a well known rav and Sofer. This sofer seems to be one who is researching STa"M as he goes, there being no evidence of his having learnt (halachot at least) by a knowledgable rav.
After several years this sofer makes a well known and clear mistake. He wrote a lamed fully inside a kaf peshuta and to fix it he merely erase…