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Writing on the Sirtut

I have a mezuzah where the top part of each letter is written on the sirtut. In other words, if the height of the top part of the letter is 1 kolmus, the sirtut runs exactly in the middle, with roughly half over and half under the sirtut.

Is this problematic? I though that the top edge of the letter should touch the sirtut.

How much of the letter needs to be over the sirtut to make it pasul?

Extra tag on Ayin and Strange Head on Nun

Hi. I recently took a look at one of the mezuzot in my office and I have a couple of questions about it:

1. There is an ayin that looks like it has an extra tag (4 taggin instead of 3). See pic. Does this pasul it? Can it be removed?

2. The nun from the word "pen" has a flat, wide head. Is this problematic?