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Mei-klaf and spray-klaf

I talked to someone who makes this kind of stuff. He said that in the past mei-klaf were made from contact cement dissolved in a volatile solvent. The contact cement caused yellow stains on the klaf. Now, mei-klaf and spray-klaf are made by dissolving various types of rubber cement in a highly volatile solvent. Anyone who ever used rubber cement knows that it is one of the worst possible adhesives around. Anything that sticks to dry rubber cement falls off after a while. Water-based ink is not compatible with rubber cement. That's why there are so many cases of the ink easily rubbing off. A member of the אור לסופר  forum wrote: אחד המתקנים (מביאים לו ס"ת אחרי הגהת מחשב) בירושלים אמר לי שהוא מיד יודע אם השתמשו במי קלף או לא  לפי קלות המחיקה The use of mei-klaf makes it much easier to erase the ink, which means that it reduces the adhesion strength of the ink to the klaf, which leads to early פסולים in the STAM. We want to improve the adhesion of the ink to the klaf,

Please add labels to your posts

Hi All, You can see on the bottom left below the names I have recently added a section called "Labels".  Every time you put labels on the bottom of your post, your post will then be able to be accessed by people searching the topic you have written about. I have recently asked someone to add tags to  all past posts so that the forum can be properly indexed. However, from now on I'd greatly appreciate if all posters could post it themselves. Please use multiple labels. For example if your shailah pertains to a negiyah between alef and beis in a mezuzah, labels should include "alef" "beis" "negiyah" and possibly even "mezuzah". If you are not sure how to spell a word, please look at other labels and see how it was spelled. Thus will basically mean we will have one label per keyword ie not three ie (mezuza, mezuzah, meziza ). Thanks