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Interesting Chok Tochus shaila

Today I was fixing a mezuzah and some ink dripped out of my rapidograph (I did not close it tightly enough when affixing the nib). The ink landed as a "blob" in a "ball" shape. At the time it landed it did not seem to passel the letters, but had I waited,  the blob/ball of ink would have collapsed and spread, certainly passeling the letters. Before it collapsed I stuck a corner of tissue into the "blob/ball" which sucked out the ink. This rectified the situation and when I had finished this process the damage was not bad enough to passel the letters. I then scraped away the excess ink.

I assumed "sucking" out the ink with the tissue is not chock tochus, since it had not yet "collapsed" and passelled the letters. Can someone please tell me if I am wrong?