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Shaalah on langeh chuf of E'lokecha

What should I do about the langeh chuf of E'lokecha?
My question really has two parts, would there be an issue of chok tochos? And if there is chok tochos here that means that it lost its tzura so then would I be allowed to erase it since it is l'tzorech tikkun?

Binyan stuff separating from the klaf

I had a question about small fibres on the klaf that are between the Klaf and the ink can one just write over them?( p.s. about mei klaf I mentioned it to rabbi zurkin and he mentioned that there is a answer by rabbi Moshe finestein that if it is an ingredient or for the beauty of the klaf then there is no problem (I didn't have a chance to look it up) lechaora meir klaf would be ok just like safrus chalk I am not paskaning I just though it would be interesting to mention)