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Tool for those that work in STaM

(I asked Eli first before posting this who gave the okay.)

For parnassah I work part time by a Software development company here in Israel. Most notably we created the PowerSefer ( app for smartphones, tablets, PC and Mac.

We have worked on many other apps for the Torah/Frum world as well as for the secular world. The preference is always to find ways to make apps and software for frum people but it's a business so we must be willing to branch out. An idea came to mind recently that I would like to get some feedback on from those that work in STaM to see if it would be of any use.

As it is now I know the software used to check STaM via a computer is quite expensive. I'm sure not every person who works in STaM (b'frat in Chutz L'Aretz) or would be checking STaM on a regular basis (perhaps a shliach or a rov in a remote area of the world) would have access to this software. My idea is to create an App for smartphones and tablets that could check STaM j…