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There are a couple things with the yud of יפתה that I'm not sure about. 1) it looks like its made of regel and kotz with no Rosh, but not easy to tell 2) the regel is slanted to the right instead of straight down or to the left 3) the regel has a strange shape Are any of these concerns in this case apparent enough to be meakev here?


Relating to a previously brought up issues of trust and assumptions - this is a parsha I received not long ago: I have no issues not being machshir this parasha due to the fact that something was clearly erased and the words משה לאמר קדש where clearly written almost definitely after the parasha was completed. (Aside from the fact that the reish in לאמר is a vav...) My question is more theoretical than practical - if in this case I wanted to use the other parshiyot or the batim, would I be able to? Or is there a chashash that they can't be trusted because of this instance? Or would I say that the Sofer would be trusted and the incident above is the work of a magiha? Thoughts?


Tzadi of ועצר?