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Elul. Is it worth it??

11 months of the year I wish I had more work.  Comes Elul and I wish I had less work or another sofer to help me. I think many Chabad sofrim feel the same. The prevalent custom in Chabad is to check  tefillin and mezuzos in Elul (while its brought down  in kitzur, Chabad are the most vigilant about this custom).   So the question it really such a great idea?

 I remember a sofer in New York bragging that he gets so busy in Elul he checks 12 sets of parshiyos an hour. That's one every five minutes. ( I assume he does not unassembled and reassemble them himself). For a guy who's personal best is 6 pairs of tefillin and 40 mezuzos in one day, I was horrified when I heard that. The fact is that everything is done extra fast during Elul and this means the chances are that mistakes will be made and vital issues overlooked.

I think that in Chabad communities, the volume is up to 10 times of that of the normal year. During the year I get about 4-5 pairs of tefillin  to check a…