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The left head of the above TZADEs appear like a kav peshuta.  There are many poskim who invalidate and others who are matir.  Each case needs to be independently assessed, and so this is a she'elat Hakham. The question here is if the small Tzavits are considered significant enough for us to correct the letter by adding a clear head, or if it should be outright invalidated.  Your insight is appreciated.

Common Mezuzah Questions

I find that often people ask this question on whether such an "entry way" needs a mezuzah or not. From what I see here there is no mashkof what so ever as well there is just a regular plan wall on the other side opposite this, not even something protruding out. Is there any reason to yes put a mezuzah here (any shita or chumrah?) As well if the mezuzah has already been put up should one leave it up or may it be taken down? I know in the past R' Shammai always says (pashut) that there is no need for a mezuzah in such a case. The other question that was asked was this one: The same idea, no mezuzah on the other side (just a plain wall), and not mashkof. Even if there would be some sort of mezuzah on the other side, still there is no mashkof.