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Practical info for writing a Sefer Torah

Until now I only wrote Mezuzot and Megillos, but I will ii"H soon start writing a Sefer Torah for personal use. I thought the fellow members could help me with some practical considerations. 1) I need the best tikun. From what I gather, R' Chernobyl from BB has the best one - is this true? The shops in Mea Shearim I went to were not really interested in supplying any kind of tikkun for sefer torah. 2) Over the years I've come across the halachic discussions in regards to the different mesoras of  spellings (e.g. pezuei daka) and spacing (e,g, shirat hayam) in theory. Today do we all use exactly the same spellings and spacings in stam? Is this tikkun's spellings approved by all gedolim? 3) Does this tikkun shows when the letters should be done it differently (e.g. Vav Ketia) or I have to realize it myself? 4) Can I start sowing the yerios together as I write or must I necessarily sow all together only in the end? 5) I once heard ideally there's an inyan to wr