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Global Safrus

Had an interesting case this week. An American Yeshivah bochur learning in Melbourne brought me his tefillin to check. I saw that the yudim looked a little dubious - lacking a guf. In some cases it was worse than others - see pic below.

I told him that many of the yudin (without guf) are problematic. Then he told me that he had it checked last year, in Canada, by a sofer who told him the same thing. As it turns out the sofer in Canada is a member of this forum. So I gave the customer the deatails of the sofer to find out what he paskened.

It turned out the sofer asked a few poskim in Israel and came to the conclusion that the yudim were kosher. I felt that it may be a worthwhile exercise to fix the yudin, at least the worst ones, since based on the psak the Canadian sofer received, there would not be a shaila of lo kesidran - so why not try and improve the situation.

So now my questions are:

This guy is a very serious bochur and wants his tefillin to be betachlis hahidur. Even after …