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Practical Shaila On Chezkas Magia

DISCLAIMER: I would like to know the answer to my question below for educational purposes.  As I have said before, I am still in the learning stages of safrus. There are TWO shailas in this post, please give mareh mekomos when possible, I like to look everything up: FIRST: This shailah came up in my shul recently.  A few letters in a specific area had minor cracking.  Definitely passul but easily fixable. My shailah is, as it is before erev yom tov, there is no time to do a full computer checking of the sefer (which was checked before, was from a competent sofer and never had significant problems before--fairly new). Assuming the issues found are fixed, can we use the sefer for yom tov? What is the practical effect on the chazaka most stam has once its checked.  Is there any practical halachic effect of finding these (now fixed issues)? SECOND: A section of the torah is clearly written by a different sofer and this section has almost no tagim. A close review of this section ind