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Gevil, Kelaf, Duchsostus

1. Does anyone now a days write teffilin/mezuzit/sefer torah/megilla on Gevil? 2. Are there a lot of Gevil 'forgers' out there? 3. Who can i buy gevil from that is reliable? 4. Are there any claims in the name of certain Rabbanim that certain things MUST be written on Gevil. any claims that they are BETTER to be written on Gevil 5. Are there any Halachik advantages to writing on Gevil. (ex: me'ubad ext..) That may make Gevil better to use.(putting aside the technical difficulty of writing on it due to its leathery texture) (PLEASE  PROVIDE CLAIMS OF THE  BENEFITS OF USING GEVIL EVEN IF YOU DONT NECESSARILY AGREE WITH THEM) PLEASE EXPLAIN FULLY. When answering, please respond by indicating which question you are addressing, for organizational purposes. Your time is much appreciated!!

sofek chok tochos

I had finished a mezuzah and in one place I came back to finish off a mechikah and only after I cleaned it up I realized that a very thin line was in the sirtut touching the back of a vav possibly making it look like a zayin even thought at the moment it did not seem to me. my question is is that I once had a simmilar shaloh and someone was maikel mitzad chok tochos derabanan from a tsuvah of the tzmechach tzetek. I was wondering if the same would apply here. or is there any other kulah that can be applied your input is much appreciated. Thank you and may everyone have a sweet new year written in the book of life.

Rounded sfard daled

Can do a shaalas tinok on Daled of Yodecho?