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Followup to My Last Post

As several of you pointed out after I posted my כתב ע"ג כתב question last week, my writing is written in a "tweaked" Beis Yosef. I want to take a בחינה from the Vaad to receive a קבלה, but I am nervous that they might be wary of giving a קבלה with such an "interesting" כתב even if they hold that it is 100% kosher. Is this a valid concern? Weird things include: 1. No flat מושב on the למ"ד. 2. No head on the רגל of the קו"ף. 3. Pey Lafuf in פן. 4. I only put ziyyunim mamash on the Shaatnez Getz Tagin that are mentioned by the Rambam in הלכות מזוזה (i.e. special Tagin and not the ones that according to some rishonim are part of the צורת האות; or if you want you could call them תגים גדולים and תגים קטנים, as mentioned by the ספר התרומה and others) I was going to write a special, more standard מזוזה to present to the Vaad, but that seems very disingenuous.  (Sorry about the pics. They're from my wife's phone and not so clear.)

Earliest source for kesidran in tefillin and mezuzos?

Does anyone know the earliest source(s) for the law of kesidran in tefillin and mezuzos?

Halachic Status of Yud Please

I'm looking for a psak on  this yud, which is clearly lacking guf ( the only guf is the "kotz R'T)? And if it's kosher, is it mehudar after tikkun?   Reb Moshe, what  do you think? Is someone able to show this to Rav Friedlander next time they visit him? (Yehoshuah, Yerachmiel, Pesach)? Thanks!