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commissioned sefer torah

mazal tov mazal tov! i am proud and happy to share that i was just commissioned to write a sefer torah!

it will be my first b"H and i have quite a few questions regarding technical details and arrangements that must be set in place prior to starting. there is no socher involved -- it will be a direct arrangement between me and the private client

i am interested in receiving feedback from those who have experience writing sifrei torah and can explain considerations regarding:

formulation of a contract agreementtimelines and completion dates for specific parshiyot etcpricing for klaf and other materials  (including how much and how often to receive payment)sizes and variational options of sifrei torah dimensions (i prefer to write 8mm size ksav)hachnasas sefer torah ceremonies, etcany other relevant information based on professional experience
also important to mention is that the ksav is mehudar (based on the opinion of a magiha musmach with over 30+ years experience)

please contac…