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Nun appears like a Bet

The above Nun of Einekha is confused with a letter Bet.  This is not only due to the width of the OT but also to the KUTZ at it's right hind which gives it the appearance of an EKEV.  How would you rule? Is it straight passul or can it be fixed if a Tinok reads it like a NUN?

Small Batim

Can anyone recommend a source for high-quality small Batim? By "small" I mean 28mm and under, including pitzponim . I am looking for good craftsmanship as well as hiddurim such as truly prudos , holes for chut ha-tfira on the outside, etc. Preferably a Batim Macher you rely on personally or has an excellent hechsher such as Eidah Chareidis . Thank you.

Moisture smudge

What do I do with a mezuza like this thay im checking? Fix It, or leave it as no-good?