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who writes stam in Israel

I was asked to put together a list of who writes stam in Israel.

I know that the following facts are accurate:

1) about 50% of frum/ heimishe sofrim writing today do not have ksav kabollah betokef
2) about 50 % of stam produced is not written by frum heimishe sofrim, they are written by  "shababniks" and questionably frum persons
3) A small percentage is written by non frum / women/ arabs

Therefore I came up with the following:

•Frum /Heimishesofrim with KsavKaballah
Constitutesapprox 20% of Today’s Sofrim – Most of these write Mehudar for Charedi Private Market

•Frum / Heimishesofrim without KsavKaballah
Constitutes approx