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short lamed

The lamed has no moshav. Although this is ok for sfardi csav, and some ashkenazi poskim (see SA Harav 36 ois lamed) are machshir, according to Mishna Berura (MS ois lamed & biur hallacha there) it is pasul, since it is lacking an essential part of the letter.
At least for an ashkenazi, this must be fixed, and can not be left as is.

poor ches - 2 vavim

This "sofer" makes his ches out of 2 vavs, it is easier. Easy = speed = more cash!
But no yiras shamayim, although this is kosher bdieved, this is contrary to the laws of "csiva tama" that a ches' left part be a zayin.
A "sofer" that makes this his practice is chashud in my eyes. Therefore I search any shayla to passel these types of csav!!