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Writing a name on tefillin

A question recently came up about someone sending tefillin with his child to camp and wanting to write their name on the tefillin. I'm not sure why he didn't want to write it in the boxes or bag but nevertheless the shaila of writing a name on the retzuot.

I haven't managed to find a tevusha that addresses specifically this question.

I know that having colours on the inside of retzuot is not an issue lema'ase (aside from possibly red) but perhaps writing a chol word would be different? Not so much from a chatzitza viewpoint but from a kedusha viewpoint.

I think some people do write names on retzuot. I would have thought to advise if so to make sure it's on the extra bits hanging down and not on the parts that are wrapped on the arm or head.

Can anyone comment on this?

kulmus hashamir

Rabbi's your opinions please!

tav & yud are pasul

The tav - I think is pasul, the left foot is not distinguished, it looks like a ches. I personaly think this is not even a case for a shylas tinok [although probably others will go for a shylas tinok].

The yud - the foot [regel yemin] is clearly 3 times longer than the head [rosh], it is a small vav.
Why is the oilam machmir when a yud clearly looks like a small ches, lamed, caf, etc. but not so when it appears to be a small vav?