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Warning for those chacking STa"M with a backlight only - ie light tables, light boxes, lamps behind transparent boards, etc

In the last 10 years I have noticed more and more magihim checking STa”M with the primary light source situated behind the parshiyos being checked.This is achieved with use of light tables, light boxes, lamps behind transparent boards, etc, without the use of additional frontal lighting. Using such lighting is often advantageous, becauseit brightens the parsha and enhances the clarity of the letters, making them appear more stark and easier to see. It is also helpful in detecting small nifsakim in letters that may otherwise go unnoticed in normal lighting conditions. However many sofrim may not realize that checking in such a manner also had drawbacks. The most serious one is that it is much harder to detect smaller negiyos , particularly when the negiya is thinner and/ or a little lighter in nature. I have experienced this countless times personally: when my lightbox is on I don’t notice a negiya, yet when it is off, I see it clearly. I encourage anyone to test out this phenomenon the…