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Getting started in S.T.a.M

Hi, I'm very new to this but intend to start learning S.T.a.M.  I have some questions to help get me started: 1) A very nice man, and I assume well respected, suggested I purchase the Mishnah Berurah English/Hebrew and start reading Tefillin chapter 32 to get started.  I'll be purchasing a paper copy, rather than the CD.  I found a large set at for $399.  a) is this a good price?  b) and is this a good place to start?  (This is a lot of money for me, but not outrageously so.  I just can't afford to spend money like this if there are better options.) 2) I'm a Conservative Convert.  (Long story, but I have little choice in the matter.  I'll become Orthodox whenever the opportunity arises.)  In the mean time, I assume it is not permitted for me to write Torah, Mezuzah, and Tefillin.  What can I write?  A Megillah?  Ketubot?  Also, if I write solely for myself, could I write S.T.a.M. for my own use?  Though I have already purchased, and had checked, a

measuring 9 yudim

This is a mezuza written according minhag chabad. The chabad custom is to leave 9 yudim, both after uvshearecha and before vehaya. The problem related here is relevant also to shiyur parsha in a sefer tora. How do we measure the 9 yudim, [compared] against the line below or above? I think we should measure against the line above, bein lekula bein lchumra (although obviosly lechatchila the 9 yudim should be recognized against the line below as well, but that is not me'akev). This may differ from a revach parsha pesucha which is at the end of the line, and revach parsha setuma [according Rambam] that is at the beginnig of the line [9 letters before vehaya], there the measure should be both in regard to the line before and after.