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Ches looks like vav connected to dalet

As this mezuzah was on My desk, my 8yrs old son mentioned me there is a problem with וחרה. he told me the ches looks lke a vav and a daleth. whats your opinion Rabbis? Now a different issue is the tagin, i found most of mezuzos not to be medakdek that the right tag (chesed) shall be taller then the left one. the question is what is the source of this tag issue? Another question i had is lets say the mezuzah klaf i bought was made al tnay that is also good for divrey chulin, now lets say i said leshem kdushat mezuzah and than i wrote shma israel or only one letter shin but than i decided i dont want to go on with writing this mezuzah, can i crop the first shitah of the mezuzah and use the rest of the mezuzah for chulin ?


Unfortunately the nun and yud are just touching. It's hard to tell from the photo but I don't think that its thin or light enough to be insignificant. Also, especially with a mem that often has a very small connection at the chartom.