Advice please - Matlit

I need to help someone make a "matlit" for a Megilat Esther. I know how to do one in theory, however, I've never needed to do one myself, so I don't have any practical experience.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


  1. For glue - use Elmer's yellow wood glue. It is all synthetic and kosher. Do NOT use white glue (good for paper) it is too soft and the Matlit will fall off after a while.

  2. Nicest way to make a matlis:

    1) use a shaving blade to peel off a very thin piece of klaf (from the rear side of a scrap piece) that is the same colour and texture as the klaf with the hole.

    2) Put a LITTLE bit of synthetic PVA glue on the peeled off piece and stick over the hole from the back.

    3) After 24 hours sand the back of the klaf over the matlis and original klaf, removing any excess glue and roughening the edges of the matlis so it blends in with the regular klaf. If done correctly it will not look like a patch, maybe only like a slight irregularity in the klaf.

    4) repeat sanding process for front of klaf, achieveing the same result.

    5) be careful to avoid the hole when writing new lettersrs. Try and space the writing so that the hole ends up as a break between words.

    For additional cosmetic affect, chalk up the front side over and around the hole, covering the edges of the hole. Rub the chalk in with your fingers and then spray with fixative (this will hold the chalk). Again, make sure not to write on this section, try to fit it in between words.



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