Electric Letter Eraser?

Interested in the opinion of the pros. It seems like an interesting idea...


  1. I got one recently (ordered the Dolphin 2 from Amazon, about 160 shekel to Israel including shipping, bit took almost a month to get here). Amazing. Really, don't even hesitate. Make sure to get refills. The tips wear out pretty fast.

    One tip - If you order one that comes with white and grey tips, use the grey tips. The white ones are regular pencil erasers and won't do you any good (except to erase pencil marks).

  2. I used to use them with very fine sandpaper rolled inside with mostly good results.

  3. I use an old Staedtler electric eraser with (now discontinued) Sanford ink eraser strips. It works well, but you have to be very careful or it will burn a hole in the klaf.


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