Interesting Reish

Here's my mark up of the interesting Reish from 3 posts down:


  1. Ari, I dont think this measure is accepted. I think this is a shinuy tzuras ha'ois. This reish is actualy lacking a regel.

  2. Interesting, Rav Moshe. Where did the above mark up go wrong?

  3. The regel of a reish does not need to be completely vertical. The lower vertical part is short - maybe only one kulmus, but the upper, angular part also counts for something.

  4. I looked at the general tzura of the letter, and to me it looked as a gag without a regel.
    I accept that others may look at the tzura a bit different.

  5. Interestingly, I also had that impression. At first glance the reish gives the image of being essentially just a gag.

    But upon closer inspection I definitely can see horizontal and vertical eivarim. I attribute the original impression to the combination of a very wide upper right angle and a very short regel.

  6. I showed Rav Friedlander this enlarged image and he said you make a borei pri adama on it. (He actually said, "It's a banana" and I retorted, "So Rebbi is saying it's an adama?".)


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