do any sforim talk about noot making a shesi vaerev in tefilin see the nun sofits


  1. I think that's a reason some give to put the חוטרא of the ח all the way at the end on the left instead of directly on top of the left regel.
    One could also argue that if we avoid making a שתי וערב in the kesher, קל וחומר in the Parshiyos, but יש לחלק.

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  3. you are absolutely right klausenberger rav was against doing the chatotra of ches above regel ,but keses in lishkas does holdthat it belongs above regel

    1. Yes of course many Poskim hold that way. I was just giving a makor for your question.

  4. This could be an issue that depends on the time-and-place context. In Muslim, Oriental or African cultures, where the Shesi Veorev has no meaning, it could be fine, but then there might other symbols that would be condemned, symbols that are meaningless here
    I remember when Rabbi Greenfeld opened Mishmeres Stam in Boro Park 40 years ago, he had a display of typically bad Mezuzos found during Bedikos. One, from a doorway in Yerushalayim, was evidently placed there by missionaries. In the place of every set of Tagin, there was a cross, atop the letter.


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