Megillah of the Rebbe MaHarash

Here is a picture of the Rebbe MaHarash's Megillah.  As can be seen the Asseret Benei Haman are at the top.  However the listing of the names are not STRAIGHT or JUSTIFIED.  Rather, they are indented taking the length of a regular writing without stretching any letters.  The same goes for the word ASERET, it is not justified with the Ve'ETS.

The Rebbe wasn’t a scribe, but his doctor told him he should do detailed work with his hands. So he wrote one Megillah for each of his children.

He only wrote three or four megillahs, one of which is in the Library in New York, and the other by Rebbetzin Carlebach.  The above pictures are from the Carlebach scroll.  It's in remarkable condition for its age (around two hundred years old) with really wonderful handwriting.

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  1. It is interesting that there are differences between the 2 megilas that he wrote.
    The age of these migilot are not 200, but closer to 140 years old.

    1. Yes, the one in the Library has the names of Haman properly aligned like the example in the previous post placed on line by R. Shmuel. This follows the custom of the RAN, who explains that this is done so that the sons may not be able to climb out, because there are no projections onto which to cling. I always find these reasons to be amusing. They provide a beautiful coloring and TA'AM to our traditions.

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  3. I posted on my forum a copy of this megila, and notes with the differences between the two.


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