Nun hafucha in charan

I was asked in the previous post to put this up. Not terribly exciting this one as the scribe didn't go for an actual nun hafucha (or the slanty version or the nun sofit inverted regel type tag I have seen) - though the lech l'cha tradition is there.


  1. Can someone please enlighten me on the round shinim?

  2. Many ashkenazic scripts wrote the shin rounded at the bottom. [some base this on cisvei ha'Ari - not the famous instruction of the Ari in regard to tzuras ha'oisyos in tefilin].

  3. this is written according to sefer tagin- i believe the sefer is at least 400 years old,
    400 years ago the rabanim in tzfat were gozer not to make these tagim anymore. If anybody did research please post

    1. The peh melufaf can be seen in many torahs that are 100-200 years old. So your statement of the gezera seems odd. Whats your source?


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