Rav Elyashiv's daas on split Vav's (looking like Gimels) is well known. I suspect that even those who are more lenient would have an issue with this extreme split and particularly together with the square rosh, it looks quite a bit like a Gimel.


  1. lich'ora a shaylas tinok would be OK, it isn't an extreme shinuy tzuras ha'ois.
    thanks for the post!

  2. the pointy top right of the rosh should also be rounded to make it lechatchillah

  3. I doubt this letter would ever be lechatchila but if one got a psak to ask a tinok and they were machshir, then all necessary tikunim should be made nevertheless. In any case, the mezuzah this shaila is from is a cheap bedieved ksav..

    I hadn't shown this to Rav Friedlander as I was pretty confident he'd pasel it since as far as the deah of Rav Elyashiv is concerned, this is a pretty extreme split. Perhaps I will show it to him. However, I could hear the possibility that others would call it a shailos tinok.

  4. I spoke to Rav Friedlander. He agreed it's an extreme split ( I didn't mean an extreme shinui tzura per say) and Rav Elyashiv held that even much smaller splits are pasul. He also said that since R.E. was the only source for this chiddush, in case of a bedieved ksav one can choose to me mekel.
    He did agree that this is bedieved at best and tikkun wouldn't change it.
    (Of course, those that have another mesorah of psak will likely not have an issue with most split vavs.)


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