shayla chamura - tav

My opinion: The Tav is pasul. The left foots' blita is more inward as a pei, and to minimal outward.
The Nun of nafshechem is also pasul - it looks more a caf than nun.


  1. i understand the svara on the 'nun' but regarding the tav -- seems within the geder of tzura. how could it be seen as a pei? the regel yamin is an appropriate shiur (so it would not be seen as a pei sofit)

    why would it even require a shaylas tinok? of course not being a magiha if this were a l'maiseh situation i'd bring it for psak but just at first glance here i'm astounded that this tzura would seem like anything other than a tav....

  2. I think we need to see this tav live, if the yetzia going to the left looks like a kotz (the thickness and darkness play a big part )and the ink going to the right is thick and head like then it would be posul,

  3. ילקוט הסופר:
    עשה רגל השמאלי כראש זיי״ן, אין לפסול, ואם הבליטה לפנים הוא יותר יעשה ש״ח.

  4. I don't see any problem in either of these examples.


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