Shem Al Pi Qabbalah

Hi Eli,
Here is the diagram for writing the Shem Al Pi Qabbalah as found in the Yalkut.


  1. Rav Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld, in T'shuvos Salmas Chaim, paskens that putting dashes between letters of a Shem Kodesh is meaningless: it's still a Shem Kodesh, dashes notwithstanding.

  2. Interesting because most people are not noheg that way. Do you know of any teshuvos explicitly permitting writing a shem kodesh with dashes?

    Regarding the post itself, I have old tefillin parshiyos where the second heh is made as a full Resh, whereas the Yalkut version has a compromise between a resh and the usual form of the daled. At what point did the minhag change?

    1. There are different minhagim, i dont believe it changed. For instance, Zanz sofrim write the second hey with the usual protrusion to the right, like a regular hey. They also dont make the small oketz in the bottom left of the second hey unlike the diagram. In other words, there are slight differences among the different communities,


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