I'm not a big expert on batim so advice is appreciated.

I know that one broken tefira (or even sometimes 2) can be kosher if it's on the side, but the a broken tefira in the corner that ruins the Zavit is Pasul.

This shel yad had a long gid coming out of it. I wasn't sure what it was so had a look and it seemed that it's from the corner tefira underneath. 

Perhaps it was the end of the tefirot but it seems to have been badly looped because I pulled lightly at the bottom at it almost pulled out all the way through, so it seems that it's not actually tied to anything. Just pulled through. 

The other 3 cornea tefirot (2 on top and 1 on bottom) are a bit loose but they seem to be still connected even if loose.

Does this one bottom corner tefira that isn't really connected posel the tefillin? Must it be opened and re sealed?


  1. Some put a extra gid at that corner in order to tye the yud, so it will be touching the bayis and not move away. - It seems to be that gid, and possibly not the tefiros of the bayit. check!

  2. That's what I thought it was at first. But it's definitely the tefiros because as I pull the bottom tefira down, this gid get pulled through.

    That's why it's so strange, it's hard to know 100% what's going on without opening them up...

  3. try pulling the gid hatfira from both sides gently, if neither give and come totaly out, so the tefira is not torn, and probably somebody decided to make use of an extension of the gid for holding the yud.

  4. I pulled the bottom back right tefira and this long gid pulled down at the same time. I assume that even though I haven't pulled it all the way through, it's still Pasul because the gid is obviously broken?


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